Good Homework Ideas For 9-Year-Old Children

Homework has never been enjoyable especially for the energetic and overly curious 9 year olds. Experts have been studying their behavior and development to assist parents and guardians in making the work enjoyable. It also ensures that goals of giving the assignment are met. Here are tested tips to make homework enjoyable for 9 year olds.

Use Props

Children at this level do not understand abstract ideas. To make subjects like mathematics or calculations easy, use props. Apples or plastic money can be used to explain figures. Voices are perfect in learning language and expression. Use props that the children can relate with.

Make it active and engaging

The children enjoy engaging and will respond positively. They can easily remember a song or funny sounds, a routine or movements when it is used in learning. Rhymes also make the sounds, numbers and figures memorable.

Make it a routine

Set a definite time, place and environment to do the homework. This allows the mind to settle down and take the session seriously. It creates as structured way of learning which is required for cognitive development. The child is prepared whenever the time comes which makes things easier to understand.

Let the child try

Do not be eager to assist until your child has asked for help. This will help create a sense of independence which is very important especially during exams. However, show interest in the work and encourage the child. When getting involved, show directions instead of doing the work. This means assisting when the child gets stuck.

Praise good work

At this stage, affirmation has an incredible impact in building the confidence of the child. Let the child feel like a winner whenever he or she cracks a difficult question. This is the motivation required to try the next time. Show the child that you are also learning and are genuinely impressed.

Start with the least interesting

All subjects are not similar. As such, start with the most difficult and end with the most interesting. The mind will be ready to learn at the beginning, but when fatigue strikes, it will be refreshed by the interesting topics. Let your child demonstrate his prowess and brag about it.

Allow time to relax

Do not allow the child to be bogged down by defeat in one question. Give him or her a break to allow the mind to refresh. You may use the time to refresh your knowledge by searching on the internet in case you also are stuck. The homework must not be obsessive.

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