Who Can Help Me Do My Math Homework for Free

Math homework is one of the things most students have problems with. A typical student’s personal budget is rather constrained, so using homework services or hiring a tutor might not be an option. However, you can still get reliable free help with your math homework.


An obvious solution is to turn to your parents or siblings for help. Although the older members of your family might have been out of their math classes for a long time, they have experience that may help them understand your assignment better than you can.


If any of your friends is good at math, you may ask him or her for help. However, be ready to give something in return. For example, treat him or her to a lunch at the school cafeteria or help with his or her household chores.

Homework Clubs

If you have a math homework club at your school, do not hesitate to join it. There, you will get free and competent explanations and valuable pieces of advice on how to cope with your math homework. Not only will you solve your current problem, but you’ll also receive knowledge that will enable you to complete similar tasks on your own in the future. Math tutors or senior students with excellent knowledge of the subject usually teach in such clubs in their free time.

If there is no homework club at your school, try to look for student homework clubs in your local area. Such clubs are sometimes organized by volunteers or public libraries to be available not only to the students of one particular schools, but to a broader community.

Alternatively, you may join efforts with friends to create a homework help club at your school. Administrations are usually willing to meet the wishes of a large group of students who are determined to improve their math skills.

Online Tutor

Most tutors charge money for their time and expertise, but you can still hire a free one online. Free tutors may be found on large and popular homework help websites that make money from their high traffic while keeping their services free for students to use. There are also volunteer non-profit academic organizations whose members help students just for the sake of promoting knowledge.

To find a free online tutor, browse the Web and use the recommendations of people from your social network. The search may be time-consuming, but the long-term benefits are worth it. A tutor will not solve your math homework for you, but he or she will help you understand and fix the problem.

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