5 Interesting History Homework Activities You Should Try

The existence of homework in school is something that dates back to several decades back. Even though there has been lots of debate on the justification of assignments and how much academic work should be taken home, this particular academic practice has helped a lot of students make improvements on their academic performances. Assignments can be fun if the teacher and students try to spice up things once in a while. Who says that all take-home projects must always be written texts only? Taking history assignment as an example, there are various activities that would make for fun assignments for students.

Some of the activities that would make your history homework one that you would always remember include the follow:

  • Ancient Israeli Homes: Students can be asked to carry out researches on what ancient Israeli homes looked like and depict them in the form of drawings or clay models. Students are sure to have fun creating these drawings or models.
  • Creating Acrostic Poems: This is another interesting assignment activity. In this particular activity, students can be asked to use the name of a particular historical event, location or item to create acrostic poems.
  • Creating Fact Files: In this particular history homework activity, the students would create fact files on chosen ancient locations. The fact files would include the ancient location’s landmarks, mode of worship then, food and drinks, mode of dressing, types of houses built, etc. To make it more interesting, these facts can be depicted as drawings or combination of drawing and texts.
  • Creating A Word Search: This activity can be on one geographical location or multiple locations, whichever would be more interesting. It can also be in the form of crossword puzzle.
  • Draw Items That Are Obsolete: It’s a clear fact that technology has greatly changed and improved how things are seen and done. There were several crude methods that were used before the era of technology. Choosing a particular location and time period, let the students draw crude methods that are now obsolete and depict how they were replaced or completely abolished.

These five activities would surely make interesting history homework activities for pupils and students alike. Before starting the assignments, it would be helpful to ensure that all writing, drawing, and modelling materials needed are available. This tends to shorten the time spent on a given assignment while creating more room for other fun-filled activities, academics related or not.

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