How to become a professional math homework cheater

Math, the dreaded subject that many people do not realize they use in everyday life. There are ways to get around doing the actual homework. Maybe you are the math whiz and wonder how you make it into a career and become a professional math homework cheater.

Where to start

So you are a math whiz and have no issues in math, you love it but do not want to be a teacher. There is a list of things that can set you up to be a professional math homework cheater.

Where to look for work

  • Set up a website and offer your service
    • This can be a paid or unpaid
  • Find a homework help website and apply
  • Advertise to classmates
    • Don’t get caught doing this

There are several options if this is truly what you wish to do. If you know math, then it is possible you know a little about running a website. There are up-front costs that will need to be taken care of if this is the route to choose. You will need to purchase a domain name then consider a professional to help you set up your site. If you are proficient in computer skills, you can do it yourself.

If this is not the route you wish to choose, Google “math homework help” or “math cheats” and see if they will take you on as a professional. This will require proof of how much mathematics you know. Some sites offer testing for employee openings while other ask for a sample of your own work.

If the World Wide Web is to open source for your likings, word of mouth can land you those math cheat jobs. Math is a subject many students find challenging. Offering “tutoring” services to fellow students and classmates is a good way to get started on your professional math cheating career.

Math tends to be a harder subject for many students. Offering to help these students assists them in passing their math classes while earning you a good chunk of change. College students can be your best bet to kick off your career. Many college students will pay good money for you to do their homework for them, especially math homework. The Word Wide Web can also offer you a good kick off point by creating your own website or getting hired onto another website.

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