Finding Free History Homework Help on the Web

History assignments are often large and require great attention to detail. The good part is that important historical facts and dates are generally known, and hence can easily be obtained from the Web for free. However, the bad part is that such information may be incomplete and error-ridden even in print books, not to mention online sources. Our guide will help you find reliable homework assistance online.

  • School Website
  • Your school might have an online database that contains digitized primary sources and research studies conducted by leading scholars. Browse the database for a specific answer to your question. If you find it there, you can be sure that it is accurate.

  • Local Library Website
  • If your school website fails to provide what you need, try your local library database. Pay attention to the academic acceptability of history books and periodicals you find. Stick to scholarly works and peer-reviewed journals, not popular science.

  • Browsing the Web
  • One of the simplest ways is to Google your question. It’s better to use Google Scholar; this kind of search only includes academic sources. However, do not rely entirely on its ability to filter out questionable resources. Use the checklist below to find out whether this webpage can be trusted:

    • Does it cite any sources?
    • Does it have a reference list?
    • Does it cite textbooks or other academically acceptable sources?
    • Is there a notion of it being sponsored by a university or another academic institution? Look closely for such notions; they are usually placed at the page bottom or near the edges. If you see one, congratulate yourself on finding a really credible source.

  • Wikipedia
  • Although it is generally not acceptable to quote Wikipedia in your assignment, you can still use it when you need homework help. The account of historical facts in Wikipedia articles is usually accurate, and most of them have a reference list. Check whether there are any sources acceptable for you to include in your bibliography.

  • Free Online Assistance
  • If all the methods above seem laborious or time is extremely scarce, you may try to get other people to answer your question. Ask it on a homework help website or on a student forum. However, there is a considerable risk that answers may lack accuracy or come too late.

A more reliable way is to find an online history tutor who will do my history homework for me. Look for popular, high-traffic homework assistance websites. Such resources can make money on advertising, and hence pay their tutors for their time and expertise while keeping this service free for you to use.

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