What Is The Purpose Of Math Homework: An Answer To A Popular Question

What is the purpose of homework? In the recent years, this question has been plaguing not only students, but teachers and scientists as well. Is giving students homework really effective? Is this how they actually learn? Does it help in their mental development? In a way, the question is applicable not only to one subject, like math, but to all.

Math, however, is a subject many would call tough. The best way to solve problems in math is to understand the concepts, which, in turn, requires practice. Why, then, is homework useful, you say?

This is why: the answer to a popular question

  1. Math homework is meant to clear up concepts. What your teacher teaches in class and what you understand at the moment may be two completely different things. It is only when you go home and revise that you come to know what you need to work on. Thus, your math problems will help you understand the concepts better.
  2. Homework means more practice. Doing math does not entail solving two questions in class. One concept can lead to many types of questions, each of which can be approached in some ways. These can only be discovered and understood if one practice. Thus, not only will math assignments acquaint you with the diverse nature of problems, but also of their equally diverse solutions.
  3. You can begin to guess, after a point, the kind of questions that may be posed in the exams. When you have had enough practice, you will be able to tell which questions are easy, and which can only be solved with a particular kind of formula. You will be able to gauge the weight of the questions, and tell whether one is important enough to make an appearance in the exam paper.
  4. Homework increases your speed. Once you get into the habit of practicing and solving questions, you will be able to tell the kind of approach that a question may require. Thus, you will not have to rely on hit-and-trial. This will not only increase your speed, but also help you complete your exams in time.
  5. It will boost your confidence. In math, the golden rule is to practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more knowledge you will have, and the more relaxed will you be when exams approach.

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