Should I Do My Homework Without Using Online Help?

Well this is really a question only you can answer. You need to ask yourself a number of questions beforehand.

  • How important is the homework assignment I have in front of me?
  • Do I simply need to provide short answers or do I need to provide longer answers?
  • Do I need to have understanding of the concepts involved in my homework?

When you know the answer to all of these three questions, you'll be in a much better position to decide whether or not you need to call on outside help. This is a simple fact of life. Before you make any decision, and especially something to do with your schooling, get as much knowledge about the situation as possible. As the old adage goes, ‘knowledge is power’. Do you want or need homework help and if so, why do you want or need it?

But which type of help?

Of course you also need to understand the type of online help you are to obtain. Remember there are hundreds of websites which provide homework help. Some do so without a fee while many are professional and you need to pay for their service. And the quality of service provided varies as well. Getting lousy online help is worse than getting no help at all. That’s another thing. You need to be able to pick the difference between good and bad online assistance.

Some people would argue that you should always do your homework without using online help or for that matter any help at all. The whole point being that you will never find out what you don't know or what you are weak at or be able to tackle the topic on your own. This thinking makes a lot of sense. Remember you don't want to get to the end of the term or year and sit for an exam only to find that you have no understanding of the concepts involved in that particular subject. The way to find out if you don't have the understanding is to tackle your homework on your own and see how good or how bad you are.

But going back to the three questions at the beginning of this article, where do you get help at all and if you do get help, how much and what type of help you get will depends on the answers you provide to those questions.

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