How to Find Free Online Math Homework Help

There are a variety of homework help sites online, from free to paid. Doing a simple search, can find many places to get help online with math homework. Some of the free sites do get federal or local financial support, which allows them to operate for free. And some are run by organizations that fund them, themselves. However, they get the funding, they do offer free support for students.

  1. Using Search Engines
  2. Ask Around
  3. Places to Look

Using Search Engines

For this article, a search was done, looking for free math homework help. Using; "Free Online Math Homework Help", with the quotations, got 174,000 hits. They ranged from; free math help, free Algebra help, and chatting with live college tutors. The types of math offered, was from; elementary school math, to college, general math to geometry. And that was just in the first six pages. So finding the help is not hard to do.

Ask Around

Some friends might have had to use help on their math as well. Ask around and see who may have used a math help site, and how good was it? If a student’s friends like it enough to recommend, the chances are it will be a good site. Everyone needs help from time to time, so do not be ashamed of needing help. It is not asking someone to do it for you, it is asking for help. Some sites use tutorials, and these can help a lot. Some sites use a discussion board, and others use tutors. Any of these can be a major help to the student, when they have problems with their math homework. So ask if any friends have used them, and see where the best sites are.

Places to Look

Sometimes if a student is unsure of the quality of a site, it is best to look in particular places on the net. Many schools have tutorials that can help students with issues they are having. Some schools have a chat board, or discussion board, where they can post what their problem is, and an instructor or graduate student can explain how to work that problem, in more detail. Sometimes they will even use a sample problem that is like the one the student posted, and use that to walk the student through. It is common that once the student has done one, they can do the rest. So using a sample problem can be a good tool.

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