Searching For College Homework Help: Are Online Sites Useful?

  • Online sites
  • would be an excellent place to start to look for homework help. First take into consideration that there are many major Search Engines such as Google, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing, Ask, etc. The number of search terms that can be entered on these Search Engines is almost endless.

  • Search Engine
  • Once the student gets to a Search Engine, he needs only to enter a search term to yield a long list of online websites. The student can modify his search terms at will, adding words, changing words, and taking words away. All of these actions will yield a broad range of websites that can make research fulfilling and yield more than enough answers and solutions than the student is looking for.

  • The Library
  • What would be helpful would be for the student to go to either the school library or the public library and elicit the help of the librarian in his online search. The librarian can suggest websites, search terms, manuals, and other resources. The librarian can make the students online search much quicker and more efficient as he searches online in a more directed, guided fashion. The Internet can yield resources of a variety of sorts including books, tapes, CD’s DVD’s CD-ROM’s and of course websites. Nearly every viable business, businessmen, governmental resources and many individuals in the world have websites which can be researched through the Internet. If the student needs help with English, definitions, an encyclopedia or a thesaurus, there are websites designed specifically for those purposes.

Many suggestions for websites can come from the textbook. If the student were to check in the reference and/or bibliography section of the textbook, he may find many references to useful websites to research there. Using a variety of different search terms and with the help of the librarian the student should be able to elicit enough websites to more than fulfill his research needs.

The student should read all course material thoroughly, searching for key words, ideas, and concepts that he can use as search terms. He should try to broaden his search terms as much as possible.

Counselors and Instructors are additional professionals who may be able to aid the student in his online search. The Instructor would have the most immediate grasp on the subject matter. He would have the ability to direct the student with concision regarding the student’s choice of search terms in his quest for websites relevant to the topic.

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