Learn the Most Simple Way to Complete Your Homework Quickly

  • Remember to take notes as you work. When you are reading a lot of text for homework, you should take notes in your books or highlight in them (assuming you own them). This will help you to recall the information at a later date and will make it easier when you test on that material. Remember not to highlight every word or long paragraphs, as this will only defeat the purpose of highlighting. Focus on highlight important details or key topics.
  • Learn how to skim, especially when you are given a large amount of homework. You might find a method that works best for you, and then you can apply it to every reading assignment that you are given.
  • Take breaks regularly. As you sit down and work for hours on end your brain will become bored with so much information and need breaks. So take the time that you need to get some tea, walk around, or step outside for some fresh air. Give your brain a chance to relax and reboot.
  • As you set out to do your homework, make sure you set the mood, so to speak. Make a study space where you can work in silence. Have everything that you require for your homework assignments in that study space such as a calculator or projector. If you cannot find a quiet space in which to study at home, try studying at your library or school.
  • Make a list of what things are due that day/week and know each of the deadlines. Start out with the more challenging assignments first, so that you can tackle them head on when you are at your strongest mentally. It may seem appealing to start with the smaller, easier tasks first just to get the out of the way, but most students start off strong mentally, and that strong mentality fades as they complete more work. By the end of the study session they might be running on mental fumes. And when you are exhausted and almost ready to call it quits, the last thing you want is a difficult and long assignment staring you in the face. It is better to get the most difficult things done first followed by the easiest.
  • Take advantage of any free rime you might have, such as a canceled class, a long bus ride to school, or an unexpected break in your day to quiz yourself, review notes, etc…

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