Why Math Homework Assignments Are So Complicated?

A large number of students hate doing homework, with even more disliking math alone. Math has a way of bringing different levels of complexity. Most people feel we only need to know math basics such as addition and subtraction. Depending on career interests you may be required to learn much more than that. So when it comes to doing math homework it is often not a simple task. Math is complex since many solutions required thorough detail to show your understanding behind the answer. Because most people want an easier way to figure out such problems, they are less enthused in doing problems that require you to show your work.

  • Many Homework Assignments Take Too Long to Complete
  • There are various types of mathematical assignments that take longer to complete than usual. In some cases students are not willing to sit for a longer period of time in order to get the work done. It can be frustrating trying to get your work completed when you have to show your work (how you reached your final answer). For others it may take them longer to understand how to complete the assignment. In other words, they need assistance from their instructor or would rather work on the assignment with a colleague.

  • More Assignments Require More Work
  • Some math assignments need more work. Meaning, you have to show the whole process in how you came up with your answers. If you do not understand the process this can slow you down and get your frustrated pretty quickly. Some students get discouraged and feel they do not want to attempt to complete their work. Most students agree as each academic year passes it seems math concepts become more complex. This means you will need to be clear on what to do before attempting to solve the problem on your own.

  • Increased Complexity in Types of Problems and How to Solve
  • Math assignments are more than just solving problems. In some cases you need to write an essay or some form of extended written content to show your understanding behind a concept. For others you need to show visual concepts like graphs or charts to understand comparisons while making observations related to the problem you are solving. It often depends on your area of study and what is required. Many students eventually find their way through help of a tutor, colleagues and their instructors.

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