How To Deal With First Grade Homework In An Hour

When you are in your first grade, school seems fun. You make friends, play around, have screen time and study with breaks often. This is interesting way of engaging the students and making them habitual of school and assignments. You start receiving home tasks because the teachers understand that they have to develop this habit in an early stage so that students continue to attempt the papers in the future. In your first grade, the academic assignments are comparatively simple and easy to attempt. They might seem longer but when you sit down to attempt them, they are simpler and easy to remember. The question however, is that can you attempt your first grade homework in one hour?

It is definitely possible to complete your assignment in an hour when you are in first grade. The teachers hardly assign you any task above than that time because they understand your capacity and abilities. At this stage, the assignments only exist to make you habitual and develop a sense of responsibility in students. If you are not sure how to complete your work in the minimum possible time, then you should consider the following instructions

  1. Get an application on your parent’s phone
  2. It is not an idea situation for you to own a mobile device at this point in your life. Students should have minimum screen time at primary levels. You can ask your parents to lend you their device and download an application for planning home assignments. Ask an elder to help you install the application and set alarms and reminders for yourself. This way you will keep getting a reminder for the pending tasks

  3. Use a planning sheet
  4. If you cannot have a mobile device (which is understandable), you should go ahead and use a planning sheet. You can design this sheet on your own by looking at some samples or download and print one from the web. This will make it easier for you to stay on track

  5. Set milestones for yourself
  6. Divide one hour on the number of total tasks you have to attempt during this time. Assign specific time to each assignment depending upon the specs.

  7. Take a break
  8. Find time for relaxation and do not sit for an entire hour with your paper

  9. Use stopwatch
  10. Choose the most productive hour of the day for work

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