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Getting help with math homework is easy when you use mind mapping tools in the classroom and with a tutor.

With the incorporation of mind mapping software, students in the same group project scenario can edit their mind map in real time with one another, or send revised versions of their mind map to other students in the group. With desktop mind mapping software, students are able to edit their project and save it to a cloud platform, access to which is limited to the educator or a team leader. Such software has also allowed students and educators the ability to create larger mind maps. They can re-organize existing branches on such software by dragging them and dropping them to a new location on their map. Additionally, certain mind mapping software has allowed students to take their maps and transfer them into PowerPoint presentations or Word documents.

The use of symbols and pictures, all of which are drawn by hand is a more effective method of recall and learning for students, especially those with learning disorders.

Higher level students are able to use mind maps to create outlines for a senior thesis or an academic dissertation. Improving retention and mnemonic understanding for words, phrases, concepts, can all be applied to improving essay writing and organization.

When breaking apart a poem, especially those written in a specific era where the turn of phrase was drastically different from present day, the use of a mind map can help students to improve their recall and understanding of important words or subject matter. When reading new books students can incorporate the process of mind mapping. This will add visualization to prose in a manner that cannot be recreated through traditional note taking.

When sitting in a large lecture, students can save time and increase learning and memory by using images and drawings to represent key ideas and linking them to associated words, ideas, and theories, and then linking to those secondary thoughts and theories. When trying to remember timelines, a mind map can be created with the central node representing a date in time, a location, or a major historical event and all subsequent nodes being people, ideas, dates, or other associations.

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