High School Chemistry Homework Help: What to Do if You Hate Chemistry

It’s unfortunate that more people don’t feel fondly about chemistry. At least part of the blame for that must rest on the shoulders of teachers who drain the life from the subject by confining it to books or boring experiments. If chemistry seems uninteresting to you and you aren’t sure what to do with your homework, here are someways to get around that problem.


Cooks are the original chemists. The very actions that make our food palatable to us are only truly explicable via chemistry. If you doubt this, take a look at the ingredients listed on the back of any popular snack. If you can get accustomed to thinking scientifically while you cook, you will find yourself automatically understanding things that otherwise seem quite abstract. As an added benefit, you’ll have made something edible (and hopefully quite tasty).

Make Cosmetics

In much the same way that cooked food depends on chemical reactions, modern cosmetics is only possible due to chemistry. If you think of soap chemically, it is merely a reaction between an alkali, a salt and a fat. Different proportions of any of these create different characteristics that make it more or less moisturizing etc. If you can figure out how to make the perfect soap, you will have mastered several concepts in chemistry at once.

Try some Traditional experiments

Some of the more common place experiments in chemistry can be interesting as well when attempted outside of the school setting. Previous generations were allowed chemistry sets with real glass beakers and chemicals no modern school board would permit in the hands of anyone under 18, with or without parental consent. If you can get the type of supervision and safety equipment necessary, try some of those old experiments. One good demonstration is worth a year’s worth of notes.

Have someone who likes it explain it to you

Sometimes enthusiasm can be contagious. Find someone in your class who absolutely loves chemistry and have them try to help you with the homework. Perhaps when you begin to see the assignment through their eyes, it might grow on you just a little bit and you may be inspired to explore chemistry more deeply on your own.

Read up as much as you can and do your best to keep safe but in the end, the best way to learn a science is to use it.

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