How To Concentrate On Homework And Studying: 5 Effective Techniques

Concentration can make or break your efforts. If you want to transform your personality from a laggard to an achiever, you need to follow 5 effective strategies to complete your homework on time.

  1. Complete your learning homework while marching: When you hold your books in hand and learn while marching around, your concentration develops and you grab points fast. Some children keeps book in their hand just as a reference material. On the other hand some children prefer being hands-free and keep their study material on their book shelves and speak points loud marching in the entire room.
  2. Learning points loud: It acts as an auditory support and the information is learnt soon. Child can recall his points easily this way. They find memorizing easy. It enforces his concentration power sticking to the task keeping it interesting. It makes the student a strong auditory learner. Hence, it is suggested that student reads the paragraph loud and then paraphrase it in his words loud.
  3. Changing position: Make your kid change his position every after 15-20 minutes. It keeps him fresh. This type of movement avoids tiredness and avoids distraction. If your child uses sitting desk for completing his written work, the gentle controlled movements with cushions satisfies his moods and makes him sit on the chair for a pretty long time. On the other hand, the tough woody chairs create uncomfortable situations and makes them take long periods of rests.
  4. Working in intervals: Studying for a period of time followed by a period of rest intervals encourages the child to study more. For most of the students studying is an activity that does not captivate. It sounds monotonous and is a forced task. Such activity that does not sound interesting but is compulsory makes student forget things even if they try hard to memorize. Most of the time memorizing formulas and multiplication becomes a herculean task for many student and they fail to learn even after lots of struggles. Such tasks frustrate them. To solve such issues, kids are encouraged to learn a part of the multiplication tables and then take rest and entertain themselves for a small period.
  5. Studying in shifts: Multitasking or studying in shifts is a great way to keep you fresh and not waste time. As soon as the student’s attention starts drifting, they should either leave his current subject or pick a new one. They can also perform some other tasks like completing projects, craft work, written assignments, learning assignments or perform some household chores.

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