Algebra Homework Help: What to Do if You Hate Math?

Math is not everyone’s cup of tea. Algebra is worse. How many times have you decided to start working on your math skills, only to give up after two nauseating sessions? If you are anything like the rest of math-haters, you are likely to get some useful tips here. So read on.

First, there is no reason to feel diminished because you are not good at mathematics. It is not mandatory. Nor is there cause for guilt. You have to learn to accept yourself, warts and all. The minute you have decided that it does not matter what exactly your strengths and weaknesses are, and that you do not have to be good at everything to feel good about yourself, you are in for a surprising amount of relief.

Now, for the practical aspects: You cannot opt out of the math course and have to do something to cope. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Call a friend: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Yes, it is a cliché. Clichés are clichés for a reason so pick up the phone and talk to a friend about your algebra induced pain. Brownie points for calling someone who knows his or her way around math!
  • Find or create a study group: a study group where students can share their problems and help each other with solutions is an uplifting place to be. Look for a study group off or on campus. You could also take the initiative and form one.
  • Visit an Online Math group or forum: Find a students’ forum dedicated to discussing math problems. It can be a great place to find help with the algebra problems and for directions to other resources.
  • Online calculators, tools, and free lectures: You will stumble upon various websites offering help in different ways. Online calculators, although generally reliable in terms of answers, may skip the steps to solving the problems. Free lecture notes and tutorials can help greatly with understanding the concepts behind the algebra equations. These can be used as ancillary resources at best.
  • Offline worksheets: Some websites offer this feature. You can download and save the worksheets for use at your convenience. Worksheets can help you practice your algebra.
  • Answers: There are websites that have answers to all the problems in your textbook. You can visit them to check if you have reached the right ones.
  • Online homework help agencies: Some agencies will help you with your homework as per your need. From assistance in understanding and solving the problems, to doing your homework for you, there is an array of possibilities.

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